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I finally finished my trench coat – (Let’s not mention the time schedule here or the fact I should have been making a winter coat instead!)

Without further ado, here it is:

More photos on my blog and i’ll be posting the pattern review soon as well!


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I have spent all weekend furiously trying to finish off my trench coat. I must warn you that there has been quite a lot of swearing involved! I have had a lot of topstitching drama – I just cannot get the tension right on my sewing machine. It is forever looping underneath and then the needle gets stuck. To top it all off I then I ran out of  top stitching thread and it’s a Sunday!!  But It’s all done really except for attaching the lining to the main coat and then top stitching that down + buttonholes. Not that much left to do, I am gutted I couldn’t finish it though. It’s been hanging over me for months and I feel like I can’t start anything else without finishing this off.

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I finished the trench!  I am pretty happy with it even though it was one of the first things I tackled when I began sewing again about a year ago.  I would do a few things differently if I had known then what I know now.

Mostly, I enjoyed sewing McCall’s 5525.  The back yoke is not symmetrical, just fold it and cut out on fold to rectify this.  I think the sleeve “belts” are too long.  Somehow, my lining for the body of the coat was not long enough, but the sleeve lining was fine. I thought it was awkward to sew on the buttons after the lining was installed, I didn’t want to see the the button thread on the lining so I lifted it up to sew the buttons on. Seeing the picture makes me want to tack down the back flap. It’s too…flappy.

I used a prefused, sort of quilted faux python print. It was a dream to sew, it had a lot of body and didn’t fray much. I used a cheery yellow Ambience for the lining. I found some dreamy rubber buttons at Vogue Fabrics that just go.

I got stuck on buttonholes, and so it languished for months, but now it’s done! I saw on a blog a preview of the September Burda, and there is a trench very similar to this one!

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Pattern Number

I should add that the McCalls pattern is an Out of  Print pattern but there are still patterns available on the McCalls website.

The pattern number is 5060 and it is a Misses/Miss Petite sizing.

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Trench Coat Pattern

Hi All,

Elizabeth has kindly let me join Trench Sew Along and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.  I have been searching on the internet for fabric websites to try and find some fabric.  Do any of you have any particular sites that you’ve bought fabric from and been happy with it?

I have used Gorgeous Fabrics before (such gorgeous fabrics …. lol) and I have looked in shops here in Adelaide but haven’t found the perfect fabric yet.  So any other suggestions of where to look will be gratefully received.

My pattern I’m going to use is this one, the orange colour coat:


I don’t want an orange coat, I’m thinking red or bright blue.  Seeing as it’s soon coming into spring here in Australia I want to make a transitional coat not a really heavy weight one.  My husband said just make two when I asked for his opinion regarding colour … lol

I am really tempted by a gorgeous bright blue cotton sateen but have read that it is not a particularly robust fabric.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing and their fabric choices.

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