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I finally finished my trench coat – (Let’s not mention the time schedule here or the fact I should have been making a winter coat instead!)

Without further ado, here it is:

More photos on my blog and i’ll be posting the pattern review soon as well!


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I have spent all weekend furiously trying to finish off my trench coat. I must warn you that there has been quite a lot of swearing involved! I have had a lot of topstitching drama – I just cannot get the tension right on my sewing machine. It is forever looping underneath and then the needle gets stuck. To top it all off I then I ran out of  top stitching thread and it’s a Sunday!!  But It’s all done really except for attaching the lining to the main coat and then top stitching that down + buttonholes. Not that much left to do, I am gutted I couldn’t finish it though. It’s been hanging over me for months and I feel like I can’t start anything else without finishing this off.

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It rained heavily the other day in London. I caught the tube to work and was pondering my ill-advised work wear when I turned to look at the lady beside me. Of course, she was not incorrectly attired. No, she had on a trench coat. And that’s when I realised that despite being fooled by a surprisingly dry and warm summer; this is England!! It always rains here and Autumn will be here quicker than I can blink. So in other words, I’ve been shamed into action! Here is my Trench Coat Muslin from what was previously my sister’s duvet… (Yes, I hope she’s not reading this either…)

I’m pretty pleased with the fit overall. I like the length, although for some reason unknown to me I cannot cut a pattern out without it always having a different length at the hem. Whilst i’m loathe to admit it, It probably is running a little on the small side because I have put on a bit of weight since I measured myself and cut out the pieces. I’m really not sure about the storm flap on the front though, I think it sits weirdly above my bust and it’s not quite how I was imagining it would look like. I also tried it with and without shoulder pads in but I think I will just leave these out in the end as I think the shoulder pads make me look a bit ‘Dynasty’…

Apologies for the terrible photos – my camera has some auto-focus issues!

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